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Roof fall protection and roofing safety
The RoofSafe™ Rail product is best suited to modern building projects, in particular for roof fall protection, roof access and as an anchor point for suspended work positioning for external façade access, inspection and maintenance. The roof mounted rail meets the requirements of both abseil and fall protection standards and can be fixed to the roof system with minor penetrations or using clamps.

Where roofs are pitched at more than 15 degrees, it provides a sound anchorage and roof fall protection that will not flex when a worker applies their body weight to it. This provides the worker with a good sense of security and allows them to work at height with confidence.

In the event of a fall the roof fall protection product does not deflect and distributes very low loads to the roof structure.

Safety Needn’t Compromise Aesthetics
RoofSafe™ Rail is a quality extruded aluminium roof fall protection rail system, which provides a high level of user safety combined with a very aesthetically pleasing appearance. Roofsafe™ Rail offers excellent functionality through it’s free flowing attachment carriage and with no brackets to pass over, the users experience with the system is truly hands free. The system is also capable of navigating corners and changes of direction in the building or structure to provide complete design flexibility.

As well as for aesthetically sensitive projects, or inclined roofs, the RoofSafe™ Rail System should be considered for small fall arrest safety installations as loading of the structure in the event of a fall is low due to the products profile and fixing arrangement and it can be very cost effective compared to alternative solutions.

Minimal moving parts and high-grade materials ensure long life expectancy, low cost of ownership and add up to a sound investment.

The system can be fitted to built up metal profiled roofs and standing seam roofs and can support multiple workers for both fall arrest and fall restraint work applications. Detailed information to ensure safe system design and integration is provided by our Technical Support Team.

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Roofsafe Rail Broschyr

  • RoofSafe™ Rail is the only direct to roof rail roof fall protection system that can facilitate changes in direction and roof slopes, ensuring continuous safe roof access where it is needed

    RoofSafe™ Rail’s low profile and discreet design provides an unobtrusive safety anchorage solution, ensuring a buildings appearance need not be spoilt by anchor points and cables

    RoofSafe™ Rail provides a safety anchorage system for multiple users, allowing more complex maintenance tasks to be undertaken in an efficient manner, including suspended rope access work

    RoofSafe™ Rail ‘Mini’ roof fall protection system provides a robust and cost effective alternative to the standard RoofSafe Rail product for a maximum of two workers, ensuring uncompromised safety during simpler maintenance and inspection tasks

    Even load distribution through the fixing system ensures complete safety in the event of a multi-user fall without damaging the integrity of the roof system
  • The solid nature of the anchorage ensures no deflection or unnecessary loading of anchor points during use and makes the product especially beneficial on roofs with a pitch of more than 15 degrees. This gives the user a high level of confidence

    The simple and robust design of the RoofSafe™ Rail roof fall protection product reduces the requirement for annual inspections under normal conditions, which in turn reduces the need to expose people to the risks associated with work at height. Typical maintenance periods extend to 5 year intervals, providing the additional benefit of reduced cost of ownership
    2 users plus a rescuer.

    A four wheel attachment carriage runs effortlessly along the extruded aluminium rail, making the system extremely user friendly. An important factor when promoting the use of a roof safety anchorage

    The light weight modular rail system comes in 2.5m sections, making it easy to transport