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A new product to meet the needs of todays changing work environment.

The RoofSafe™ Anchor can be used to facilitate the installation of a horizontal lifeline system that allows continuous uninterrupted access to all areas of a roof or alternatively can be used as a single point of anchor for maintenance tasks in localised areas. The anchorage eye on the single point anchor product rotates to provide maximum functionality and safety in use.

Roofs are changing to accommodate more insulation materials and being designed to utilise lighter materials and take advantage of new technologies. The advanced design of the RoofSafe™ Anchor allows customers to benefit from modern roofing design whilst ensuring safety and structural integrity.
Additionally, as the desire to comply with health and safety regulations increases, the need for safety solutions on older building and structures increases. The RoofSafe™ Anchor and cable system is ideally suited for installation on an older building that requires a fall protection system.

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  • Installation and Maintennance
    The RoofSafe™ Anchor is modular in design, taking less space to pack and ship, again reducing additional costs of installing a roof safety system. In the unlikely event that the anchor is deployed, it is possible to remove the top module and replace it with a new one.
    The toggle fixing method for flat roofing systems that speeds up installation time and reduces thermal bridging, reducing heat loss from a building. Both of these features save time
    and money for the customer.

    Energy Absorbing System
    In the event of a fall, the RoofSafe® Anchor breaks open, deploying the unique and patented SpiraTech™ Force Management Technology absorbing system, which reduces the forces generated on the roof structure to less than 6kN, the lowest of any of its kind on the market. This enables the anchor to be installed on a wide variety of old and new roof types without risk to structural integrity.
  • Thermal Bridging
    The design of the RoofSafe® Anchor reduces thermal bridging when used in flat roof applications, helping compliance with building regulations and saving money.