Uni 8 – Horisontellt fallskyddssystem

The Uni 8™ fall restraint product is best suited to modern building projects, refurbishments and can also be used for industrial safety applications.

The fall restraint product is high quality, whilst providing excellent value for money. In typical circumstances, this fall restraint product can span up to 12m between support brackets. Uni 8™  offers excellent functionality through its free flowing bypass capability and can navigate corners and contours in building designs.

Minimal moving parts and high grade materials ensure long life expectancy, low cost of ownership and add up to a sound investment.

The fall restraint system can be fitted to steel beams, concrete, brickwork and a variety of roof constructions using our RoofSafe™ SpiraTech™ Anchors. The fall restraint system can also support multiple workers for both fall arrest and fall restraint work applications. Detailed information to ensure safe system design and integration is provided by our comprehensive Uniline for Windows software programme.

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  • Rigorously tested product backed up with custom system design capabilities, ensuring your fall arrest and restraint system will work to protect your employees when required

    Meets current international product standards, tested in accordance with EN795 and CE Marked to the PPE Directive

    All supporting documentation available, including user instruction manual in various languages

    316 stainless steel components ensure quality safety system that will withstand harsh environments and uncompromising levels of safety when needed

    Electro-polishing provides greater longevity, adding value to your fall restraint investment and saving future maintenance and replacement costs
  • Discrete and aesthetically pleasing design of the fall restraint equipment has minimal impact on your project, building or structure

    In line energy absorbers and load re-orientating intermediate support brackets reduce structural loading and increase products ability to adapt to the building or structures tolerances

    Fall restraint system can be fitted to a range of roof anchors to adapt the product to a variety of installation scenarios

    The fall restraint system offers workers continuous hands free movement and navigates corners and building contours, thereby providing maximum design and integration flexibility

    12m spans (subject to site conditions) make Uni 8™ a very cost effective safety solution